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Amphibian Conservation Project

Pickersgill’s Reed frog Amphibians are the most threatened class of vertebras. The Pickersgill’s Reed frog (Hyperolius Pickersgilli) has been identified as one of South Africa’s most endangered amphibians.

The Amphibian Conservation project initiative is a collaborative effort between a number of institutions, including Ezemvelo KZN Wildlife, the National Zoological Gardens of South Africa and the Johannesburg City Parks and Zoo. Pickersgill’s Reed frogs have been named as a flagship specieis for the new Threatened Amphibian Programme of the Endangered Wildlife Trusts Endangered Amphibians or Threatened Amphibians programme.

Pickersgill’s Reed frog Pickersgill’s Reed frog

Pickersgill’s Reed frog

The Johannesburg Zoo participates in this project through the captive breeding programme and research.

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