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Amphibian Conservation Project

Amphibians are the most threatened class of vertebras. The JCPZ Amphibian Conservation project initiative is a collaborative effort between a number of institutions, including Ezemvelo KZN Wildlife, EWT and the Johannesburg City Parks and Zoo. Currently the Zoo house a variety of South African amphibian species which includes the Guttural toad (Amietophrynus gutturalis), Banded Rubber Frogs (Phrynomantis bifasciatus), The African Bull Frog (Pyxicephalus adspersus) and the flagship specie the Pickersgill’s Reed frog (Hyperolius Pickersgilli).

As one of South Africa’s most endangered amphibians the Pickersgill’s Reed frogs (Hyperolius Pickersgilli) can only be found in a few niche areas along the East coast in KwaZulu Natal. Soon the Bushveld rain from (Breviceps adspersus) vir be added to the project.

The objectives of this project is mainly to create sustainable insurance population in the Ex-situ environment that can be if needed be re-introduced back into their natural habitat as well as for environmental education to make people know about the importance of amphibians their purpose and the threats they are facing. Also this project allows us to study the amphibian’s behaviour and to compile management plans for the housing of these specimens. Overall this also project is also intended to assist with.

The main causes for the global deline in amphibian live are: Mass habitat loss, Water pollution, Rana virus and the mostly the Chytrid fungus .

Pickersgill?s Reed frog

Pickersgill?s Reed frog Pickersgill?s Reed frog

Pickersgill’s Reed frog

The Johannesburg Zoo participates in this project through the captive breeding programme and research.

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