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Johannesburg Zoo adds a great deal of value to our community in terms of providing a safe family-orientated facility where people can get close to nature in the heart of the city. Hundreds of thousands of people visit the zoo each year. Many of them may never get the chance to see even our indigenous animals in the wild, let alone those like bears and pandas that come from different continents. By showing visitors our amazing animals and educating them to care for our planet we play an important role in the community. In particular by teaching children the importance of conserving resources such as water, wildlife and energy we positively influence the attitudes of the next generation towards the environment.

The welfare of our animals is an absolute priority and we make every effort to ensure that they are provided with interesting enclosures and are kept in appropriate social groups that allow them to express their natural behaviours. Their husbandry, diets and veterinary care are of the highest standards. By providing an opportunity for people to get close to and learn about the variety of animals that share our planet with, zoos can inspire people to care for and protect them. We teach people to respect animals and also participate in conservation and welfare campaigns.

Our veterinarians use their expertise to treat a wide variety of sick or injured animals brought to the Zoo. Many of these are successfully treated and eventually released back into the wild. Some that are too badly injured or so used to humans are given a good home in our Zoo or any other recognized animal facility.

Johannesburg Zoo is accredited by African Association of zoos and aquaria (PAAZAB), as recognition of our excellent animal husbandry, education and customer programmes, conservation research and conservation medicine programmes. Paazab is part of an international association – World association of zoos and aquaria (WAZA) which has members on every continent in the world. To become a member of each one of these associations you adhere to the standards required by each which is aimed at ensuring best practice zoos. Being accredited by PAAZAB means your zoo has undergone and passed a rigorous assessment procedure to ensure that all aspects of zoo operations including animal husbandry and care, visitor services and governance are maintained to high international standards.

The zoo contributes to conservation of species in an attempt to help animals survive in the wild. We house 27 endangered species and participate in at least 6 conservation projects: The Wattled Crane Recovery Programme, Frog , Vulture, Oribi, Indigenous Sheep conservation projects and Mabula Ground Hornbill Project. Zoo’s conservation initiatives have seen some species being reintroduced into the wild.

We would like to continue with the good work that we are currently doing, however, funding becomes a problem at times as the zoo has few income streams. We would like to ask you to get involved in sustaining the zoo’s efforts by donating R10 through a text message send via your mobile phone. To donate to the zoo, please send the word “Zoo” to 38271. You could also donate to specific animals by using keywords in the table, click here to view.
Johannesburg Zoo
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