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BG - the tweeting honey badger


Animal Profile
Name: BG (Honeybadger)
Age: 3yrs
Profession: Zoo Spokesanimal
Twitter: @zootweetslive



Since his twitter profile was launched a few weeks ago BG has excited people all over the world. Many people are asking who or what BG is, and why he holds the title of the Zoo Social Media Spokesanimal…well… meet BG, the world’s first tweeting badger!

Born on the 18 October 2010 at the Zoo, BG as he is affectionately known is a hand-reared honey badger. He was separated from his parents because his mother rejected him at birth and the zoo educationist Louise Matschke hand-reared him. BG is an extremely active badger who loves attention. He enjoys interacting with his neighbours an African Wild Cat and the Porcupines. He prefers spending his days in the enclosure rather than the night-room and takes 30minute naps during the day. The tenacious animal is a handful, he enjoys digging burrows, playing in his jungle gym and swimming in his little pool. BG has a good sense of smell; he can smell his meal a mile away. Once a day his diet consists of beef, chicks, chicken, pigeons and fruits. He also enjoys the weekly walks he takes with his ‘mom’.

Honey badgers also known as Ratels, are small powerful carnivores with a reputation for being Africa’s most fearless animal as listed in Guinness Book of Records. The solitary animals are nocturnal, actively hunting at night. They breed throughout the year. Gestation is 6-8 weeks. It is said that honey badgers are immune to snake venom. The immunity is developed as they grow older.

For more information on BG and his twitter handle please send us an email on bghoneybadger@jhbzoo.org.za.

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