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Black and white ruffed lemurs.

The zoo has 2 male black and white ruffed lemurs; they are called Arial and Dave. Dave is younger than Arial, he was born in the Johannesburg Zoo on October the 20th 2002, and is 10 years old. Arial is 16 years old and was brought from a Zoo in Jerusalem in 2002. He is also captive born and is part of the Zoo’s studbook. The Zoo has requested 2 female black and white ruffed lemurs from the studbook to form a breeding pair with the current males. Both males have very sweet personalities, they are kind to their keepers. They are fed a diet of fruit and browser pellets which contain all their nutritional requirements in the mornings. They are most active in the day. It is interesting to note that black and white ruffed lemurs produce group alarm calls when startled. It only takes one individual to begin a chorus that spreads to all ruffed lemurs within hearing range. Red ruffed lemurs will often “join-in” the alarm calls of black and white ruffed lemurs even though the subspecies are not often found together in the wild.

Black and white ruffed lemurs are considered endangered according to the IUCN red list, this means they face a high risk of extinction in the near future. Their current population size is unknown. Black and white ruffed lemurs are protected against international trade under the Convention on International Trade in Endangered Species (CITES)

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