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Red Bellied Lemurs

Red bellied lemurs are believed to be amongst the rarest within the lemur species and their population is decreasing. Red bellied lemurs are fairly rare in captivity, It is estimated that there are around 67 red-bellied lemurs currently in captivity worldwide.

The Zoo has 5 red bellied lemurs, 4 were born and raised in the zoo. The older male who is the father, was brought to the Zoo in 2004 from Millhouse Zoo in France. The rest of the lemur group consist of 1 female and 3 males, they are aged between 3 and 5. The Zoo has requested an unrelated female to join the group.

Red bellied lemurs are active only at night. It is also believed that they form pair bonds which mean a temporary or permanent association is formed between a female and male animal during courtship and mating. Male red bellied lemurs have scent glands on the top of their heads, they are also good fathers and carry their offspring as much as the females.

Red Bellied Lemurs are considered Vulnerable according to the IUCN red list this means they face a high risk of extinction in the medium term. They are also protected against international trade under the Convention on International Trade in Endangered Species (CITES)

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