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Welcome to the Zoo’s BIG FIVE, FOREST!



Johannesburg City Parks and Zoo (JCPZ) welcomed Forest, a 15 month old leopard, to the Zoo yesterday. With the acquisition of Forest, Zoo visitors can now, again, see “The Big Five” at the Zoo, something that will certainly enhance visitors’ experience! Leopards are special predators that proof very difficult to see in their natural habitats and spotting one for the first time, is an unforgettable thrill.


The Zoo has previously accommodated lions, rhinos, elephants and buffalo– the other four members of the Big Five – but now the Zoo offers the full package.


Forest was born in the Lory Park Zoo and was released to his new enclosure yesterday. Members of the media and lots of other guests witnessed his first steps in his new home and it was clear that he loved the attention – and the enclosure. He explored every corner and climbed up a stone wall to observe his neighbours and surrounds from the top. See the picture below.


Tell your friends and family and be sure to make Forest feel welcome in his new home. You will find him in the “Baboon Bend” road inside the Zoo.


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