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Chimpanzee Medical Assistance and Rescue with the Jane Goodall Institute.

The Chimpanzee (Pan Troglodytes) is the closest relative to humans. In recent years the ‘bush-meat’ trade has grown exponentially as the great wild forests of Africa have become more accessible to humans, largely due to logging which is destroying primate habitats by opening large sections of forest with dirt roads. It is estimated that Chimpanzees will be extinct within their natural habitats in as little time as 10 years. Therefore the Jane Goodall Institute is committed to conserving the primates and has created multiple sanctuaries in Africa.

The Johannesburg Zoo has ongoing contact with The Jane Goodall Institute as well as Chimp Eden in Nelspruit where we assist with husbandry and veterinary issues. The Zoo also provides assistance by accompanying JGI staff on rescue missions throughout Africa.



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