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Johannesburg Zoo

How to make all your visits to Johannesburg Zoo more enjoyable:

To keep you and your family safe and enjoy your visit with us, please do follow the Zoo rules.
Animals Safety
- We do not allow balls, balloons, frisbees or similar toys within the Zoo as these can land in animal enclosures. Animals find these items very interesting and can eat them which may harm our animals.
- Bicycles, roller blades, scooters and skateboards are not allowed in the zoo.
- Please do not feed our animals. Our animals are on well-balanced diets ensuring their best health and optimum weight - you are not being kind to them by feeding them. Humans can also transmit diseases to animals which can kill them. You can also be bitten by our animals which will spoil your visit.
- We do not allow any loud noises within the Zoo such as vuvuzelas, radios, whistles, live performances if not approved, etc as it scares our animals and can lead to them being unnecessarily stressed
- Please do not tease any of our animals or attempt to make them move by throwing stones at them. Do not poke them with sticks or knock on their windows. Animals should be respected the same way you want to be respected.
Public Safety
- Please do not climb into animal enclosures or onto barriers or hang children over barriers. Do not stick your fingers or any other body part through fences. Animals are very quick to react to any stimulation and can cause great damage to you and your family. Do remember that domestic animals can also bite - so please do watch your children.
- The Zoo is designed for families to enjoy themselves and all the facilities are used at your own risk such as the jungle gyms, ferries and fun fair operation.
- The Zoo does provide First aid 7-days a week.
- You may not drive with your vehicle inside the Zoo
- There is a refreshments provider available at the Zoo. Currently it is operated by Cafe Fino. They have a restaurant and various kiosks within the Zoo.
- You are allowed to bring your own prepared food to the Zoo we do not provide any cooking facilities. Please note you are allowed to bring a gas braai however, no fire/charcoal braais are allowed.
- Alcoholic beverages are allowed at Private functions and must be restricted to the venue where it is served (i.e. guests are not allowed to wander around the Zoo with alcohol).
- Guests who have overindulged will not be allowed to wander around the Zoo as they can be destructive to self or animals and property, and may pose a safety and security risk considering that the Zoo houses wild, dangerous animals.
- Alcohol may not be sold at the Zoo as it requires a liquor license.
  • - No vending is allowed within the Zoo
    - No damage to Zoo property - this includes the animals and plants within the Zoo.
    - No animals are allowed in the Zoo except guide dogs
    - Visitors will not be allowed to be in the Zoo outside of the formal operating hours unless the Zoo has arranged an event
    - The Johannesburg Zoo will not be liable for any incidents/ accidents or loss or damage to private property. All equipment left at our venues will be done so at your own risk.
    - Please use the litter bins provided as litter poses a serious threat to all our animals.
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