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The Johannesburg Zoo has a number of different tour options to offer. All tours are assigned a trained tour guide who is able to provide insightful information regarding the specific tour and many other types of questions you may have.


Please read below to find your ideal tour package. The tours are suitable for special occasions such as birthday parties. To ensure tours are available bookings must be made a minimum of two weeks in advance. The cost per person includes parking, entrance fee and the tour.
Lebo Moalusi, 011 66 2000 (ext 216) lebo.moalusi@jhbzoo.org.za



Day Tours

The Joburg Zoo offers three types of day tours:

Ferry Tour - this is a 90 minute tour on a ferry which stops at 5 main animal complexes. The tour guide treats three of the many animals with a snack. This tour is a hit with birthday parties! Bring your picnic baskets for lunch on one of our many beautifully manicured lawns.

Senior Citizen Tour - this tour for our senior citizens includes a ferry tour, tea & biscuits and an animal interaction. The tour is weekdays from 9:30am - 2pm. Cost is R55 per person.

Behind the Scenes tour - Go where only the staff get to go! This walking tour includes 2 animal night rooms, the kitchen and hospital. You get to see how the zoo runs while getting close to some of our wild animals!

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Night Tour

Visit the zoo at night and explore the zoo's active nightlife.


The Joburg Zoo offers four types of night tours:

  • Sunset tour (4pm - 6:30pm)
  • Moonlight tour (5:15pm - 8pm)
  • Night tour (6:15pm - 9pm)

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    Zoo Snooze

    Come rough-it on an overnight campout at Johannesburg Zoo. We will treat you to a Behind - the Scenes tour and Night Tour end off with a bonfire.Times: Friday 5pm - Saturday 11am or Saturday 2:30pm - Sunday 8am.

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    Booking is essential (at least one month in advance)

    Lebo Moalusi, 011 66 2000 (ext 216) lebo.moalusi@jhbzoo.org.za
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