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Johannesburg Zoo

The Joburg Zoo offers three types of day tours:



Ferry Tour - this is a 90 minute tour on a ferry which stops at 5 main animal complexes. The tour guide treats three of the many animals with a snack. This tour is a hit with birthday parties! Bring your picnic baskets for lunch on one of our many beautifully manicured lawns.


Ferry tours are available weekdays 9:30am, 11:30am & 2pm and weekends 10am, 12pm & 14pm.

Cost per person is R95 (for 15 0 20 people), R85 (for 21 - 34 people) and R75 (for over 35 people).

Senior Citizen Tour - this tour for our senior citizens includes a ferry tour, tea & biscuits and an animal interaction. The tour is weekdays from 9:30am - 2pm. Cost is R55 per person.

Behind the Scenes tour - Go where only the staff get to go! This walking tour includes 2 animal night rooms, the kitchen and hospital. You get to see how the zoo runs while getting close to some of our wild animals!

Weekdays any time between 9:30am - 2pm and weekends between 9am - 10am. The cost is R95 per person. This tour is not recommended for children under 7 years old.

Booking is essential (at least one month in advance)

Lebo Moalusi, 011 66 2000 (ext 216) lebo.moalusi@jhbzoo.org.za


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