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Johannesburg Zoo


Visit the zoo at night and explore the zoo's active nightlife.
The Joburg Zoo offers four types of night tours:

Sunset tour (4pm - 6:30pm)Moonlight tour (5:15pm - 8pm)Night tour (6:15pm - 9pm)

The sunset, moonlight and night tour packages includes entrance, parking, tour, bon-fire, tea, coffee, marshmellows and hot chocolate. You are welcome to bring your own picnic baskets. Cost R105 (for 15 - 20 people), R95 (for 21 - 34 people) and R85 (for 35 people or more).

Booking is essential (at least one month in advance)

Lebo Moalusi, 011 66 2000 (ext 216) lebo.moalusi@jhbzoo.org.za

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