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Joburg Zoo offers the public (over 18 years); the opportunity to become a volunteer and learn what it takes on a daily basis to run a zoo. Be warned volunteering is hard work and is not for the faint hearted. Be aware that volunteering at the Joburg Zoo does not involve hands on contact with animals but rather working in close quarters to some of the worlds most incredible creatures.
  • Any Children between ages of 7 - 18 are unable to volunteer, however they can join the Honey Badger Club or BE MAD club

  • Adults: weekdays with starting time of 08:00 is the current the only option to assist on the animal section. Volunteering at the Zoo is not for the faint hearted, it requires a large amount of physical labour and there is rarely ever direct contact with animals. Volunteering can encompass maintenance, cleaning and gardening in the various sections.

  • Groups of volunteers (adults only): Corporate groups or groups of friends are welcome to volunteer their time, with sufficient notice we could arrange exciting projects for the group to do like building an animal feeding platform.

  • Volunteer is subject to availability which is limited. A minimum of four weeks is required to arrange individual and group volunteering.

  • Another option for adults with a valid drivers licence is to become a zoo tour guide. The next training session will be in August and bookings must be made two weeks in advance.
Email education@jhbzoo.org.za for more information or to apply.

Celebrities give up their time and volunteer at Johannesburg zoo

The Johannesburg Zoo had its volunteer day on 27 October 2011 where over 20 celebrities participated. They included hip hop stars AKA, L-tido and Maraza, popstar idol Lyle, tv star Sade Giliberti and Trans Africa radio Dj�s to name a few. Duties included the making of toys for Chimpanzees, meal preparation for some of the animals, walking Wattled Cranes, feeding the giraffes, grooming a pony and cleaning the Rhino enclosure. This outreach initiative was planned with celebritity blogger, Mika Stefano and model Stephan Friedman.

Trans Africa radio team.

Nyiko "Phly-boy" Dubula, from popular clothing label:Vandals, gives a giraffe a treat.

Anthony Badimo and Lyle Anthony preparing fruits and veggies for the
small monkeys.

One of the volunteers getting up close and personal with
a camel.

HHip Hop star Kiernan Iv League, also know as AKA, shows off his skills in the kitchen while preparing a meal for the zoo primates.

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