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Vulture Conservation Project

The Cape Vulture’s population continues to decline at a rapid rate and already the species is extinct in Swaziland; extinct as a breeding species in Zimbabwe and critically endangered in Namibia.

Cape Vultures face a number of threats; primarily poisoning. Farmers sometimes poison carcasses and leave them out to kill unwanted predators such as leopards and jackals, but often the poison kills large groups of Cape Vultures and other scavenging species.

The Johannesburg Zoo is in partnership with Vulpro which is the largest Vulture Conservation Project in Africa. Johannesburg Zoo currently houses 4 Juvenile Cape Vultures belonging to Vulpro. These four males are sexually immature and will not breed thus they are under zoos love and care for education and awareness purposes. When these Vultures become sexually mature they will be moved back to Vulpro where they will be paired with other vultures for breeding and new juveniles will be sent to the Zoo for display and education.

Vulpro currently houses 6 Cape Vultures belonging to the Zoo. These vultures have been paired up with Vulpro vultures and produced a number of offspring due for wild release. The Zoo is raising funds in order to sponsor a 5 year tracker which will be used to monitor and track the Vultures. One tracker will cost R45 000 so we encourage the public to help us raise the finds by attending our Vulture Walks or sending through a donation. The zoo also assists Vulpro with Veterinary procedures when required at no charge.

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